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In the real estate world, closing a property is a significant and crucial stage in the transaction. Here’s a comprehensive guide to help you understand what to know before and during the closing date of a property:

Final walkthrough

This is the last visit you will schedule to see the property right before closing the deal. This is an opportunity to verify the conditions of the property as it should be quite similar than the first time you saw the property. If you requested repairs, this is an opportunity to check that all repairs have been satisfied. Also, if the house is not tidy enough, you can hire a professional cleaning service.

Choose your place of closing

you can choose to sign the documents at the title company, your own house or even close from another state with the help of a mobile notary. The title company may assign you a mobile notary for an additional cost if you choose a different place other than the title company. 

Check your documents before closing

Meet with your real estate agent, mortgage lender, and attorney to review and sign all necessary documents before the closing day if possible. 

Identification Required

Be sure to bring your identification, loan documents, and all closing costs to the meeting.

Finalize payment and insurance

Compile all payment due dates, such as closing costs, taxes, and insurance premiums. Ensure that you’ve made all the required payments and transferred the insurance coverage.

Proper inspection

If the property is being purchased new, schedule a pre-closing inspection with the builder or manufacturer. Discuss any issues that are discovered and obtain written confirmation of their resolution before closing.

Finalize deed of trust

The escrow agent will transfer the deed of trust to your name, marking the closing of the transaction. This will legally secure your rights as the buyer.

Turn on Utilities

It is wise to schedule ALL utilities to be turned on by closing. It is not difficult to transfer them into your name as long as the service has not been terminated. Read  the last page of the real estate Sellers’ disclosure and look up the names of the utility companies that the seller has used. Once you have the names, a quick online search should get you where you need to go. 

Get your keys

Upon the successful completion of the closing, you will receive your keys and the deed to the property. Be sure to save these important documents for your records.

A buyer should bring a valid form of identification, proof of funds, and any other necessary documentation to a closing meeting. Before signing the mortgage note and deed, they will be asked to carefully read the closing disclosure, verifying the loan estimate and settlement statement.

In conclusion, the home-buying process may appear to be lengthy and complicated, but with our education and preparation in Clever Realtors, we assist Texas residents in finding the best homes for their needs.


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