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The Brokerage that will take you to the next level


Plans & Pricing


$ 0 Month
  • $400 Transaction Fee / Sale
  • $200 Transaction Fee / Lease
  • No Monthly Fee
  • No Annual Fee
  • E&O Insurance Included
  • Get Featured on Our Website


$ 100 Month
  • $400 Transaction Fee / Sale
  • $200 Transaction Fee / Lease
  • No Annual Fee
  • E&O Insurance Included
  • Your Own Website (IDX)
  • Professional Email Address

Why Choosing us

Increased Exposure

Joining Clever Realtors extends far beyond the simple act of affiliating with a brand. It opens doors to increased exposure and networking opportunities that can propel a realtor's career forward

One-On-One Training

In the ever-evolving real estate industry, staying ahead requires continuous learning. Clever Realtors understands the importance of this, offering comprehensive training programs designed to empower our realtors with the latest industry knowledge and skills.

Understand The Local Market

Local market knowledge is a cornerstone of success in real estate. Clever Realtors emphasizes the significance of understanding the nuances of the local market, providing our realtors with a distinct advantage in serving their clients effectively.

Impeccable Reputation

Clever Realtors boasts an impeccable reputation and a track record of success in the industry. We have consistently achieved milestones and earned the respect of our peers, solidifying our position as a leader in the real estate market.


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